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In 1972, Public Storage founders Wayne Hughes and Ken Volk observed a simple yet growing need among the public: the need for safe and easily accessible storage facilities. What seems commonplace and common sense now was a rare and undervalued commodity then, and Hughes and Volk turned this novel idea into an increasingly innovative multi-billion-dollar industry standard, expanding their first site in Southern California into a 2,000-plus-location empire spread across 38 states and several European markets.

As long as there's a need for storage, Public Storage will continue to lead the way. And to remain a leader, we will continue to seek, hire, and train motivated individuals who can grow with us and meet the growing needs of our customers. As an storage employer, Public Storage seeks those who strive for excellence and creates a supportive, rewarding environment that inspires loyalty.

Chris Weil, who was with Public Storage at the beginning, explains our success this way: "What we didn't realize at the time is that we're entering a business at the front of a massive power curve composed of three elements. One, the amount of living space per capita was going down. Two, every year that goes by, there’s more stuff. Last year's stuff, next year's stuff. And next year there'll be another year of accumulating stuff. The third element is one of human nature¬¬—people are squirrels. Combine these three and Bam! The need for places to keep all this stuff. Stuff takes on a life of its own. 'It was Grandma's. It was my baby's. I simply can't throw it away.'"

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