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Whether he's fulfilling his duties at Public Storage or coaching kids on the baseball diamond, Kevin thrives on the chance to lead others and build confident, winning teams. Kevin came to Public Storage as a sales agent in 1997 and is now the Senior Supervisor at our Corporate Call Center in Glendale, California. He says that this is an ideal job for him because of "the opportunity I have to coach, teach, and develop my team in regards to sales. I have 17 years of experience, so being able to give some of that information to someone to help them grow his or her sales abilities is why I love my job!"

What else does he like about working at Public Storage? "The flexibility! If it's a scheduled vacation or just time off for some emergency reason, Public Storage has always been very understanding of my needs." He enjoys the fact that the job allows him time to pursue his hobbies and spend time with his daughters and adds that the people he works with make his work rewarding. "Everyone is helpful, kind, and supportive and it makes for a very nice and comfortable place to work and enjoy."

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Kevin - Senior Supervisor - Corporate Call Center

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